Where does ActorsCollab take place?

All of our workshops and events currently take place in and around London, UK.


What does ActorsCollab do?

ActorsCollab runs workshops and events for all performers and creatives, to get the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as meet and collaborate with various people from all areas of the industry. So far we have collaborated with casting directors, agents and physical theatre practitioners.


How much does it cost?

ActorsCollab workshops and events prices will change depending on the events/workshops itself. Please refer to the, ‘book now’, page for further details.


What do I need to bring to the workshops/events?

For a casting director workshop CV and headshot, generally send prior to the event day itself, if you have not submitted this or we have forgotten to request this, please do email it to us at info@actorscollab.co.uk. Furthermore, you may want to bring a notepad and pen, most importantly yourselves. Leave all your baggage at the door and come in ready to learn, enjoy and collab.


What shall I wear to the workshops?

Please wear comfortable clothing and keep it respective of the workshop, if attending a physical workshop please wear appropriate clothing. Furthermore, if it’s a casting director workshop we do advise that you treat it like a real audition, and come dressed as you would for a real audition.


Are there any age restrictions?

We welcome all creatives and performers from ages of 16 and above. There is no upper age limit.


Can I get a refund on my workshop/event ticket?

Please refer to T&C's below for further assistance.

If I have a medical condition, can I still take part in the workshop?

We will always try to do our best to accommodate. This is all dependant on what the workshops/events may be so please do let us know anything you are willing to share, all information will be kept entirely confidential. Moreover, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on info@actorscollab.co.uk.


Do I need a Stripe account in order to pay for the workshops/events?

Yes, as this would be easier for all involved, however, we are open to an ad-hoc situation of alternative transaction completion. Please do email us on info@actorscollab.co.uk.


If the workshops/events I would like to go to has sold out, will there be a waiting list set up?

Yes, we always make sure that there is a waiting list in place to be used once our workshops and events are sold out. If there are any cancellations at any time before the workshops/events start, we will send out an email to the first people on the waiting list.


How do I remove myself from a waiting list?

You can send us an email to info@actorscollab.co.uk


What happens if the workshop leader/practitioner running the workshop cancels?

It is very unlikely for a workshop leader/practitioner to cancel, however, due to the nature of this business it could happen. In the event that the workshop leader/practitioner can no longer do the workshop with notice, we will do our very best to bring in another workshop leader/practitioner or change the date. Furthermore, in this situation you will have the opportunity to still attend the workshop or cancel and receive points for a future workshop, click here to find out all about our points scheme. If we do end up cancelling the workshop at the very last minute which is even more unlikely, then it is in our obligation to organise a refund. Please bear in mind that refunds can take up to 30 days.


When I receive points after attending workshops - How long do those points last?

All points last for one whole year. In order to receive and use our points scheme, you need to become an ActorsCollab member for just £2 a month. Click here for more info on memberships and points scheme.


What is the difference between subscription and membership?

A subscription will give you the chance to apply for any workshops and events that we hold. It is free to subscribe. A membership gives you full access to the perks and discounts that we offer via the website, including a discounted price to all our workshops and events. Memberships cost a small fee of £2 a month or £12 for the whole year. (We are also giving away free memberships until the 31st of May 2019) Please refer to the 'Memberships' page for further details.


How do I sign in?

To sign in, please go to the ActorsCollab website and click the sign in button in the top right-hand corner. Sign in with your email and password. You can also sign up without becoming a member and will have your own log in details and account.


How do I access the details of my account?

You can only access your account details and to update or change them if and when you want by signing in at the top right-hand corner ‘sign in’ button.


How can I cancel my Account with ActorsCollab?

You can remove your account with us by emailing us. We love and care for your honest feedback/criticism. We can learn so much from you as much as you can from us, we hope.


Why do you need to approve my email address after registering?

We want to keep our site and your data as secure as possible. For this reason, you will not be able to log in to your account until we have approved your log in details/email address.


Why am I not receiving emails from ActorsCollab?

If you’re not receiving emails in your inbox from us please check your spam filters and add ActorsCollab to your list of trusted recipients. If you can’t find it in your spam, email us on info@actorscollab.co.uk.


When I subscribe or sign up why do you want my email address?

You need your email address to log in to your account, also it is the best way for communications. It also helps us to recognize you/your account in our network and prepares our network to send you automatic detailed emails after you have booked a workshop/event.


Will you pass on my email address to other companies?

Your contact details are private and we respect both yours and our privacy. Therefore, we will NEVER share your email address/contact details with any third party unless you expressed to us your permission.


When I sign up do I need to provide my Spotlight link?

You don’t have to provide your Spotlight link as that feature is optional in the process of signing up to ActorsCollab’s, ‘My Account’. However, when you book yourself in for a workshop, there will be a short form to fill out on ActorsCollab book now section which will ask you for your Spotlight CV. For this time it is vital as we will be sending your spotlight link to the casting director/s a few days before the workshop date itself.


What if I am not a member of Spotlight but have evidence of my professional status?

You can sign up to Mandy for free and create a CV on your profile and then add the URL of your Mandy Account onto your ActorsCollab member's page or alternatively add that into the form you fill when your booking in for a workshop. However, feel free to send us a PDF or doc version of your CV to info@actorscollab.co.uk.


Can I renew my membership before it expires?

For our yearly membership, you can renew 1 month before your current membership expires and enjoy your new yearly membership 30 days after. If you're on the monthly option your membership will continue as a direct debit. Click here for more info.


Can I cancel my membership before the year is up?

Cancellations on your membership can be processed at any time once you email us on info@actorscollab.co.uk stating that you want to cancel, please take into consideration that cancellations take up to 30 days, so please do plan accordingly.