Taking into consideration the nature of the industry ActorsCollab reserves the right to amend/cancel the date of any workshop/event. However, it will be a top priority for ActorsCollab to ensure that this is something we will always aim to avoid with our best efforts. Please do understand if otherwise. All attendees of any workshop/event are expected to make their own travel arrangements. Please note that by booking/purchasing a place on a workshop/event you are also agreeing to all terms and conditions as stated by ActorsCollab. Your email and phone number will not be shared with any third parties without your permission. All refunds can be requested regardless of the reason, however, this is only valid up to 1 week before the workshop/event stated. Refunds will no longer be processed after the outlined time, unless, on an occasion where a waiting list has been put in place for that specific workshop/event. If you find yourself in the position of requesting a refund before the outlined date, then you are entitled to a full refund through the same mode of payment (no longer than 14 days), or upon agreement with a member from the ActorsCollab team, to be cashed in for a future workshop/event. Please note this will still be on a first come first served basis, therefore, a request will still be necessary. If you are unsure of a specific payment method please contact info@actorscollab.co.uk. When processing payments with PayPal, Stripe and others, you are required to accept their terms and conditions which can be found on their website. We accept no responsibility for any problems or losses with the use of these services. All applicable issues must be addressed to the corresponding company. You understand that the presence of an industry professional, is absolutely not a guarantee or promise of employment. You further understand that the intent of any class is solely educational and not a form of job, interview or audition. To request a copy of the full CDG guidelines send an email to info@actorscollab.co.uk. Please be aware that direct approaches to the industry professionals before any workshop/event are not appropriate and if this happens it may result in cancellation of your attendance. Contact with an industry professional at a workshop/event rarely results in any further contact.


This gift voucher is valid for 1 year and can be used at any/all ActorsCollab events/workshops. The gift voucher can not be used in conjunction with any other discounts we may offer for the specific workshop event you are interested in. In order to make use of the gift voucher all, you have to do is email:info@actorscollab.co.uk showing your confirmation receipt of the gift voucher purchase and state the workshop/event you want to use it for.